Spring or Fall

A few days ago we were out for a drive, experiencing how the locals live, when off in the distance I spied a tree.  It was quite beautiful and reminded me of the fall colours we see on the riverbank.  From afar we could not tell if this tree was ready to drop its colourful fall leaves or if it was in spring bloom.  Well it turns out it was in full spring bloom and we are noticing them almost everywhere we go.  Now this would explain why Bev’s allergies were starting to act up.  Here is a picture.



This is a Tabebuia (tab-eh-BOO-yuh) tree.  They are now very visible all over the place.  We are seeing them along the highway, in people’s yards as well as in the median between portions of the divided roadways.  They are deciduous (lose their leaves in winter) and produce huge seed pods.  In our prior travels we have seen these bare trees sporting these seed pods, which resembled the shape and size of a dried out banana.

Of course I am still walking down to the bay side almost nightly around 7 P.M. I am still looking for that perfect sunset.  Sunset is generally around 7:30 this time of year, but you have to get to the beach early to ensure the availability of a chair.  I will post the remainder of our photos after we leave but in the meantime here is a sample panorama of what we see almost every night.  Life is good.



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