Relax, Relax, Relax

This is what we have been doing since our last update. Just sitting around enjoying the warm weather and the no hassle time schedule. On Sunday March 22 we moved back up the highway to Point of View Key Largo RV Resort where we have been doing a lot of nothing but with a few activities thrown in for good measure.

The other day we loaded up our bikes and headed northeast along the Overseas Highway and exited onto County Road 905. Well actually instead of veering north and proceeding into Homestead on the mainland we went straight. Our destination was Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park. If you check out the parks website, it sounds pretty interesting but our experience fell a little short. There certainly was an excellent, marked path to bike on and there were markers along the way explaining the vegetation. And yes some of the path was paved with the rest a bumpy coral rock. Unfortunately there was a conspicuous absence of birds and other animals. We didn’t venture into the backcountry, as all we wanted to do was have a bike ride, so we probably missed out on the hidden beauty of the park. We did however, well I did, Bev missed out, on seeing a green iguana that ran across the path. It was at least 2 feet long and was almost run over by her. Of course, throughout the ride there were these little brown geckos constantly running across the path. They were fun to watch. The best part of the bike ride however was when we stopped along the trail and sat on the limestone rocks that overlooked a number of sinkholes that had filled with water. You may need to download this picture to experience the full effect.


On another day we decided to go find a beach to sit on. We investigated Anne’s Beach on Islamorada. We had looked at the reviews and noted that there was very limited parking and that the best chance to get a spot was to arrive early. As the sky was overcast with looming rain, we felt an early arrival wasn’t required. We were wrong. Not that we couldn’t get a parking spot, we were lucky there, but there wasn’t any room on the limited amount of sand. This was partly because of the high tide as well as the number of people enjoying the day. We ended up leaving before we got our beach chairs out of the truck and ended up driving down the highway and stopping at a turn out just before a bridge. Lucky for us there are numerous little turnouts before bridges. They are probably there to allow people a chance to fish. There were 3 or 4 families there with us. There was no beach, but there was access to the ocean with some cooling themselves in the salt water. For those of you wondering why we just didn’t go to another beach, it’s not that easy. Keep in mind that the Florida Keys are made up of limestone, lots of rock and not much sand. Most to the sand that is around is on private land like the Marriot or Holiday Inn. Very few beaches are open to the public. Non-the less we enjoyed ourselves at the water’s edge.

Today we moved spots in the park. We went from a back in spot to a drive through that is closer to the bay. It is a little nicer as we have a view of the bay. We will be here until next Sunday when we move back to the mainland and stay a while a John Prince Park Campground. Of course we are enjoying the phenomenal sunsets, but you will have to wait a few more days before the best will be revealed.



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