Catch Up In The Keys

Some of you may be wondering why there haven’t been any updates in the last little while. Well there is a good reason, my computer decided to quite working. Just prior to the last post, I was updating the content for the February 21st entry and had set the computer down to wait for my file to save before I copied it to the blog. Unfortunately the file would not safe, no problem, just power down the computer and restart it. Should work, right? Well unfortunately the computer would not come back to life. Instead of seeing the Apple logo on the screen, all that was displayed was an icon of a file folder with a flashing question mark. Oh My!! Using Bev’s tablet a few searches revealed we could have a serious problem.

Luckily, we found an Apple store in Key West. They were able to determine that a cable had failed and the hard drive was all right. However the operating system would have to be reinstalled after the cable was replaced. This would involve reformatting the hard drive and erasing all the data. It’s a good thing I keep a Time Machine back up and it was only a few days old.

Long story short, within a week, the cable had been ordered and received, new operating system and programs were installed and the data put back. All seems to be good now.

Well we have been at the KOA at Sugarland Key since February 20th and have been into Key West a number of times. It is only 20 miles away but it takes about 30 minutes to get into downtown. The Apple store is easy to find right on highway 1. The beaches are also easy to find, they are along Highway 1A.

As you enter town you can either turn right or left, basically circling the island. Left gets you to the beaches and eventually to the business district. Turning right gets you to the business district a little faster as well as getting you past the shopping centres. We are surprised there are two Publix grocery stores as well as a Win-Dixie. We have been to both.

The beaches are nice. We visited Smathers beach one day and had a relaxing time in the sun. Yesterday we took our bicycles into town and biked along the seawall and beach, passing by Smathers beach one more time. We were interested to know what was going on as a small portion of the beach was packed. People everywhere, including police.  There was even a Police van parked on the side of the street with a camera pointing into the crowd. We continued on to the most southern part of the continental United States and then turned around and headed back to the truck. Passing by the beach again, Bev noticed banners with Greek letters. Maybe it was some sort of fraternity thing, we never found out. We also saw a bathing suit clad young lady with her head in a garbage can. Her friend was advising it would all be better in the morning. Was it a matter of too much sun or too many beverages, or maybe a bit of both? Interesting.

It is also interesting to note that the old part of town has very narrow streets. Parking is usually only on one side. There is an abundance of bicycles, scooters and golf carts, which seem to be the preferred method of transportation. Of course there are also a lot of pedestrians, probably from the cruise ships.

Also there are wild roosters, at least we think they are wild. We have seen them everywhere. They are on the residential street corners and they are on the property behind the campground. You know they don’t just cock-a-doodle-do in the morning. We have heard them late at night and very early in the morning, basically all night long. We are getting used to their racket and can sleep through it now.

I dare say the weather has been great. Except for that cool snap we had when we arrived, the daytime temperatures have been in the high 20’s. There normally is a wind and the skies can go from overcast one minute to clear and blue the next. The nighttime temperature does drop down but because of the humidity being in the high 80’s every day, we have to keep the camper buttoned up with the air conditioner on.

We are here until Sunday and then move up to Marathon Key. From there we don’t have any plans. It’s so nice here we may try to stay a few more weeks.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Catch Up In The Keys

  1. Nice to hear you are having a good time in the Keys and that the weather is fine. Maybe you can post some pictures while you’re there? It has been quite cold here, but finally warmed up today. Should be a nice weekend here. Take care…


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