To The South We Go

We spent a little over 2 hours on the road getting down to Mile Marker 20. This marker is 20 miles from the end of the road in Key West. We are staying at the Sugarloaf Key Kampground of America (KOA) right now.

We weren’t very happy with our previous accommodations at Calusa Camp in Key Largo. We had intended to stay a week but when we got there we were told we would have to change sites halfway though our stay. The sites there were very narrow, as was the road and we had a heck of a time getting backed into our first site. We checked out the spot we would be using later in our stay and determined that it would be even harder to get into, if we could at all. With this in mind and the fact that this wasn’t really a campground or RV Park but a place with mostly full-time residents, in trailers, we went looking for another place to stay for the back-end of our week in Key Largo.

The State Parks in the area are gorgeous but unfortunately they were full and the only chance we would have with them would be their walk-up sites. The ones that are first come first served. With these you put your name on a list in the morning and at 1 PM you are told if you have a spot or not. We didn’t really want to leave things to the last-minute so we made a few phone calls and the good folks at the KOA we are at now were able to book us in early.

Since our last post we have had some overcast, windy weather so on one of those days we headed south on highway #1 to see if we could find our next two camp spots. Both were quite easy to find and the folks showed us the site we would be occupying when we arrived. They both looked fine. The one at the KOA might be a little tricky, but I was sure we could make it.

Upon arriving at the KAO on Friday February 20th, we were quickly registered and escorted to our spot. The Guest Services person stuck around and expertly guided us into our site, no hassles, easy peasy. I was really impressed. It is quite friendly around here. There are a lot of campers. The facility has a man-made beach, hot tub, pool and Tiki Bar. We have biked around the property but haven’t been in the pool or hot tub yet. The Tiki bar was full on Friday and Saturday night as there was a band playing. We are not that far away and the music seemed quite load but they did respect the quiet time hours and wrapped things up by 10:30.

That cold snap did finally hit us. When we were travelling around the day before we moved here, the truck thermometer was registering 26°C, the morning we left it was registering 10°C. There were two nights we had to put on long pants and turn on the fireplace when we were watching TV, but we can’t really complain.

Tomorrow we plan on venturing into Key West. We are hoping there will be fewer people there during the week as opposed to the weekend. I am not sure if we will see this or not as someone told us Key West gets two cruise ships per day into it’s port. I think this equates to about another 10 thousand people walking the streets. Oh Boy!!



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