Bad Weather

For the last week the weather has not been that great. Either it has been very, very windy and overcast or it has been raining. Because of this, we haven’t gotten out much. I can report however that the Amaryllis that we bought back in late December, which took forever to start growing, finally bloomed this week and the Poinsettia that was purchased around the same time is still looking good.


During one of our outings we stopped at a garden/landscape shop. We had spotted this place when we were driving into Homestead. It had caught our eye as it advertised water gardens supplies. We traveled back thinking we might get some ideas that we could incorporate into our water features back home. Well they only had one pond, which provided some ideas. But what was exciting was the fact that the owner had a number of exotic birds on the premises. It turns out that all the birds he had were rescue birds and he was providing a safe place for them to live out their lives.


We spent an afternoon at Biscayne National Park at Convoy Point. This park is mostly water with only 5 % consisting of land. At the Visitor Centre, there are some great displays of the marine life in the area. At one time there was a tour boat operator that could take you to some of the outer islands, unfortunately they are no longer in business. If you want to see the other islands, which have primitive camping available, you will have to make your own way.

The park has a very nice picnic area as well as a boardwalk around the water. This park is on the Atlantic side. When we were there the weather was clear enough that we could see Miami peeking out of the horizon.

We also spent some time in the Everglades National Park, entering through the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Centre. (check out this link too) This is off highway 9339 going east out of Homestead. This visitor center is also nice with a really good display of the wildlife that can be found in the Everglades.

We ended up driving through the Everglades to the end of the road. They have two campgrounds as well as many hiking and canoe trails in the park. At the end of the road you are looking south, out over Florida Bay. It was a nice drive and I was able to snap a few pictures.

They are calling now for cooler temperatures for the rest of this week and into next. Cooler, meaning getting down to the high 40s at night and up to the mid to high 60s during the day. These are not what we are used to but it is better that what’s back home and what we are seeing in the Boston area. Oh well, we might just have to put on some long pants for a few days.

On Sunday we move down to Key Largo for a week. That will give us enough time to check out this location before we move down to Sugar Loaf Key. We are at Sugar Loaf Key for two weeks and are only 20 miles from Key West. I am sure we will spend some time at the end of that road too.


One thought on “Bad Weather

  1. Cold weather and high elevations. What a problem! lol. It’s great using a map while reading your blog. Everglades Park is huge, but it looks like most of it is water. We’re not sure we would want to camp in a tent there. Probably a lot of snakes and alligators. The pictures are great as always.


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