Good Eatin’

Yesterday we didn’t get to Shark Valley. It was a lounge around in the sun day. Last night we  had torrential rain which lasted most of the day so no adventures today. However in the later afternoon, the clouds seemed to break up so we decided to go out for supper.

The volunteer that was helping us at the Visitors Centre recommended a BBQ restaurant so this is where we decided to go. Shivers BBQ is located way up South Dixie Highway. We found it without much difficulty. It didn’t look like much from the outside with a small parking lot, which was full, so we figured the food should be good. We were not disappointed. The Baby Back Ribs were great. We might end up going back here before we leave.


2 thoughts on “Good Eatin’

  1. We just caught up with your last 5 postings. As always, we really enjoyed them. The pictures of the birds (and the dolphins) were fantastic…up to your usual professional quality. Imagine you will be heading to your next stop in the Keys soon. Will be anxious to hear how that turns out. Take care.


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