The first of February was travel day. We travelled across the Tamiami trail and ended up in Homestead at the Goldcoaster RV Park. On the second, we just hung out and found that the Wi-Fi reception wasn’t that great, at least not at our camping site. If we traveled to the office or clubhouse, the connection was very good.

Today we visited the Tropical Everglades Visitors Centre to get an idea of adventures we can pursue. We were given some great information; there are a number of places we will be visiting while we are in Homestead.

We left the Visitors Centre and turned south on highway 1, the South Dixie Highway, to see what businesses were along the way. We went a little too far and found ourselves on a divided highway. Divided with a cement barrier! There was no chance to turn around until we got to Key Largo. We drove around Key Largo and decided to see if we could find Calusa Camp Resort, as this is our next home away from home. It is a good thing we went looking because we couldn’t find the resort. We knew it was located at highway mile marker 101.5. The mile markers are not posted regularly, sometimes they are 5 or 10 miles apart and sometimes you will find them every ½ mile. We traveled between mile marker 100 and 103 and could find no sign for our next stopping spot.

We ended up turning around and headed north again. Travelling back into Homestead, checking out the businesses along the highway and doing a little research as to where our elusive RV Park is. We were able to discover that our next RV Park is on the bay side of the island quite a ways from the main highway, off of an access road near mile marker 101.5. It is located right on the water, which we should enjoy. I am just glad we went looking without the trailer. It might have been a bit of a challenge to turn things around.

That was it for the day, tomorrow we plan on travelling back to Shark Valley in the Everglades National Park. They have a program that takes you our into the Everglades, should be interesting


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