Bike Day

It has been gloomy and rainy the last couple of days but today the weather smartened up. In the morning I took my bike and went on a 3.5-mile nature trail. Not much extra to see, besides palm trees. But I was able to catch a picture of a zebra butterfly and some black-eyed Suzie’s. Well I am not sure if they were actually the same plant that we call black-eyed Suzie’s back home, but they sure look like the same.

Just keeping' warm

Just keeping’ warm

In the later afternoon both of us jumped on our bikes and took a couple of tours around the park. In one section there is a boat launch as well as a huge picnic area. We stopped beside the water for a rest and noticed a weird-looking log in the water. Well it wasn’t a log but a large alligator. He was out warming himself in the sun. We were told he has been here all week.

While we were on this bike ride we happened to travel down a service road that protruded into the salt marsh. We stopped on a section of the road where you could look out over the marsh. To our surprise there was a Roseate Spoon in the marsh, not to far away. In the past we had only seen glimpses of this beautiful bird this one was much closer. What a beautiful bird.

In the evening there was another Ice Cream Social. How could we pass up another opportunity for homemade ice cream, especially since Jeni and Billy would be performing? Jeni and Billy were the performers we had a chance to catch a few days ago. Billy is quite a talented musician, guitar, harmonica as well as banjo. Jeni is the main singer and quite a story-teller with Jewel Ridge, Smokey Mountain drawl.


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