Yea for Ice Cream

Today was another windy and relaxing day. Not much got accomplished today except sitting outside in the sun. We were able to get a campfire going. I had purchased firewood the day we arrived and it remained outside by the fire pit in the rain yesterday. But we did get it going and it was enjoyable to sit around it as the afternoon passed.

Yesterday there were signs around the clubhouse advertising an Ice Cream Social between 6:30 and 7:30. It turns out these signs were still up today. I was thinking that if our suppertime was over before 7:30 we should check it out. By 7:10 we had finished supper and cleaned up the dishes so we wondered over. Remember the clubhouse is just across the street.

Home made ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry along with chocolate fudge was available for purchase. $1/scoop, fudge was also a dollar and they could also make you a root beer float. How could you go wrong?

The ice cream, as well as the fudge was excellent. We are glad we went, especially since there was a presentation by a Park Ranger on the Tamiami Trail and the Bay City Walking Dredge.

It was interesting how two businessmen got together to finance the building of a roadway from Miami to Tampa through the Florida Everglades. At the time the counties were responsible for financing their portion so things were not progressing very well until these two men, Barron Collier and James Franklin Jaudon, added their financial support. Construction of the road seemed to be no easy task. The Everglades are composed of muck and grass with underlying limestone. The muck and grass needed to be removed and the limestone used for a roadbed. This was accomplished with the aid of huge drilling machines and walking dredges.

The drilling machines would drill into the limestone, which was then blasted. Over 2 ½ million sticks of dynamite were used. The walking dredges then came along and scooped up the loose limestone and deposited it beside the 20 foot canal that was created. The dredge had a 40 foot boom that could swing 180 degrees. Each step it took was about 10 feet. The machine was powered by either a 30 or 50 hp engine that ran on gasoline and kerosene. The dredge that was used between Black Water River and Belle Meade Crossing is currently located in Collier-Seminole State Park and has been named a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The Tamiami Trail was first proposed in 1910 and was open to traffic on March 27th 1927. It is still in use as US Highway 41 which is the highway we will be taking over to the east side on the State at the end of the month.

This was a very interesting and informative evening.


One thought on “Yea for Ice Cream

  1. Just catching up with your last 4 posts, which we were notified about by auto-email all at once. Following your route map while reading the blog text gives us the complete picture. Looks like you are very close to the Keys now. The pictures you posted are great (as normal). Maybe when you get into the Keys there will be more interesting pictures to post?


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