Rain, Rain, Rain

As you guessed it, we had rain most of the night as well as most of the morning, with high winds. This curtailed any activities we had planned, but the sun did peek out in the later afternoon.

I didn’t mention it before, but our new camp spot is almost right across the road from the shower house as well as a small clubhouse. In the clubhouse portion of the building there are tables and chairs as well as a small lending library. It is screened in so those pesky mosquitoes are kept at bay and over the screens, on the outside of the building, are roller blinds that can be lowered to keep the hot sunshine out. Well in the later afternoon, Bev and I heard music and singing and what appeared to be story telling, all coming from this clubhouse. The blinds were down and we couldn’t see what was going on so we decided to walk over and see for ourselves. It turns out inside was as a couple, performing folk songs. Inside, all the tables had been moved to one side and the chairs re-arranged, theatre style. The place was quite full so Bev and I stood outside peering in on a side where the blinds were up. It was both interesting to hear their stories as well as listen to their music. It turns out they will be back on Wednesday right after the Ice Cream Social.

I think we will take in both activities that day.


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