Marco Island

Today we ventured out to see what this part of Florida has to offer. We ended up on Marco Island, which is due west of the park. This is a nice place but looks very expensive. We found a Winn Dixie and purchased a few groceries we were in need of. We also found a McDonald’s so we could post to our travel Blog as well as check to see if there were any important e-mail.

It is interesting that there seem to be only 2 public beaches on this island but there either is no parking close by or if there is parking, it is a paid parking lot. I guess this is why we see so many bike riders. Everything seems to be bike friendly and accessible on two wheels. It is also interesting to note that there are many mid block cross walks. When there are pedestrians wanting to cross, by pressing the “walk” button, lights in the pavement as well as around the pedestrian signs are activated and they flash like crazy to get the drivers attention. I think this is an interesting and I would think, a fairly cheap safety enhancement.

Not much else to add, you will have to check back to read about our next adventure.



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