Prepare to Move

Today we went out for a bike ride. I ended up about 3 Kms south of the main park gates at the tubing entrance. During the summer months you can bring your own inner tube or rent one from this location. After you pay your money, there always needs to be an exchange of money, you and your tube are taken by tram to the launch site at the campground. Here you will drift down the river for about 1 ½ hours back to the tubing entrance. It sounds interesting and from what we have seen along the river it could be fun. If we were to come back in the summer it would definitely be something we would try. If we are back summer or winter, I think we will arrange to rent a kayak or canoe and go exploring. Kayaks and canoes are available to rent from an operator at the headsprings.

After our bike ride we had a lengthy rest on the lookout on the river and then scooted into town as Bev had run out of her crossword puzzle books. Upon our return to the campsite we sat around the fire pit and burned up the logs we had purchased earlier in the week. Our next stopping spot will probably not allow fires so we figured “might as well burn it up so we don’t have to pack it with us”.

While sitting around the fire a friendly Red Shouldered Hawk came for a visit. We had seen him earlier in the week eating grasshoppers. He was interesting to watch and seemed quite tame, as I could get quite close. I was talking to one of the Campground Hosts who was also looking at this interesting bird. He was telling me there is a nesting pair of Bald Eagles. They have a nest someplace between the campground and the river and can often be seen in a pine tree by one of the campsites on the other side of the campground. Because we are leaving tomorrow we won’t be able to check it out.

Here are some pictures from around the campsite. There is one that I have to mention and that is the huge cooling towers of a nuclear reactor. One day we had ventured over to the Gulf of Mexico, to a little town called Yankeetown. We ended up at a boat launch at the end of the road. As we sat watching the boaters and fisherman, I turned and saw these cooling towers. Not something you would expect to see on the Gulf of Mexico.

After a very delicious supper that consisted of ham and scalloped potatoes we settled in for the evening and slowly started packing things away inside the trailer in preparation of tomorrows move.


2 thoughts on “Prepare to Move

  1. We really like the maps that accompany the blog. They make it easier to see where you are and the route you have taken. Hopefully you are getting nice weather again. Your earlier blog posting about going to McDonalds made us think about how we met you guys for coffee here. We’re looking forward to be able to do that again when you return.


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