Lets Explore

This morning I went for a little walk around the campground and found a path that led down to the Rainbow River. This path was designed so campers could launch their canoes or kayaks and paddle the river. There was a swimming area as well as a place to launch your boat or tube. There was also a nice place to sit over the water and just relax. Here are some of the pictures from this dock.

After lunch we ventured over to the headspring. It is a beautiful day use area with many walking paths. There is also a gift shop that we were going to visit on our way out but it was closed when we returned from our adventure.

At the headspring there is a place to swim and you can actually see the sand moving as the water bubble up to the surface. The water is a constant 72°. It was very clear and inviting but the swimmers looked a little chilled when they got out. There are also three waterfalls that were a delight to visit and just sit a spell. The vegetation is also something to behold. Here you can see plants that are annuals and indoor plants back home, like impatient, azaleas and hibiscus, but are flourishing as groundcover and tall bushes here.

We ran out of time to visit the butterfly garden and the gift shop so we may be back tomorrow. It is supposed get colder, even freezing at night, for the next couple of days so I don’t think there will be many butterflies to see. But the flowers will enjoyable.


One thought on “Lets Explore

  1. Wow!! Your pictures are fantastic. What a lovely area. Can’t feel too sorry for you though if it gets colder where you are. After all, it is January in Saskatoon so you know what our weather is like. 🙂


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