The Rain Came Down

Well we didn’t venture out at all yesterday afternoon. We spent the majority of the afternoon sitting out on the patio. However the wind picked up so we moved inside, which was a perfect place for an afternoon nap. These naps were rudely interrupted by a torrential rainfall. I had to quickly get up and run outside to close the truck windows. I returned soaking wet. Within a short time the rain had stopped and I had dried off. It was time to start the BBQ and get supper a cookin’. I was glad the rain was over.

Monday was another beautiful day, warm with a little bit of wind. Once we got things organized for the day we were off to Donnellon. Bev had found a new recipe that she wanted to try and it required a few extra things that weren’t in our kitchen. So we were off to buy some groceries. We ended up at a very large Winn Dixie and were pleased with the selection of meat and fresh produce. We took our time wandering the isles. After leaving Winn Dixie we stopped at McDonald’s so we could post to our Blog and get any e-mails. There aren’t any hot spots at the campground and I was craving a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top, so why not stop at McDonald’s.

After our little snack we ventured back home to start supper. The other side of the springs will have to wait another day. Oh, BTW, the milkshake was delicious.


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