Another State Park

We were in a bit of a pickle when we got up this morning. Our check out time was 11:30 AM so we had to be out of our spot by that time. However our check in time at our new location, Rainbow Springs State Park wasn’t until 3 PM and it was only about an hour down the road. What could we do to waste some time?

Back at Williston Crossing we slowly got things packed up and ready to go. We spent a little time visiting with our neighbours and after our chat it was 12:30 so we figured we had better get going. Good thing we did because as we were pulling out, the new residents of our spot were getting ready to pull in.

Getting to Rainbow Spring was rather easy; we just followed the road signs. We pulled into the park around 1:30 and luckily the spot that was reserved for us was ready so we just continued on and set up. By 2:30 we were sitting on the patio enjoying the very warm humid weather. There is a bit of a breeze here so it doesn’t feel overly warm as I am sure the truck thermometer was readying +25°. It is a lovely little campground with the spots a good distance from each other and we have a huge patio with a fire pit as well as a BBQ.

The head springs, which is the start of Rainbow River, are not located on the same property as the campground so we will have to venture out later today and check it out. The Park Warden mentioned there were nature trails, a butterfly garden and waterfalls. We are looking forward to our next adventures in the park.


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