Merry Christmas

Here it is Christmas Eve and we are sitting in a very nice RV park in Williston Florida. We have had rain for the last 4 days, off and on, so we haven’t been able to get out and do much.

The park we are in, Williston Crossings RV Resort, publishes a monthly activities calendar. We arrived on Saturday and it turns out there is a social gathering around the campfire on Friday and Saturday nights. I was also told that someone in the park usually visits these events with a guitar and a sing-along normally breaks out. Unfortunately by the time we got the camper set up and settled in after supper it was too late to participate. We will try again on Boxing Day.

The residents here are very friendly, the site are large and the grounds are well-kept. This is quite a nice place to stay. The town of Williston is small but it has all the things you need. If there is anything that we can’t find here we can pop over to Ocala, which is only 25 miles to the east.

In fact we did pop over to Ocala the other day. From our last post you will note that our microwave oven decided to quite working so we needed to get something to replace that functionality. I had tried to get some warranty work done between our camping stops. It seemed quite simple when I talked to the camper manufacturer. They could expedite a replacement oven to an authorized warranty depot. Unfortunately the Camping World location that was just a few miles out of our way needed at least 3 weeks from the time we stopped in to get any warranty work done. The paperwork could not be done ahead of time. We couldn’t afford wasting that much time to get the oven replaced so we decided to pick up an inexpensive one at Walmart. While there we picked up a number of much-needed groceries.

Speaking about rain. We had to abandon sitting on the patio today and roll in the awning. We had very strong winds and heavy rain mid afternoon. We liked sitting outside as it was a little cooler than the inside temperature. If you had been following the news yesterday you might have heard of the two tornadoes that passed through Mississippi yesterday. We had the rain but they had the fatalities. The news is reporting today that a cold front is moving in and we should have sun tomorrow with a high of about 20 and then slowly warming up towards the weekend.

Bev and I wish all of you a safe and happy Christmas with all the best in 2015.

Is it to late to make my wish list for Santa?

Is it to late to make my wish list for Santa?

It looks wierd, Decorated trees and green grass.  Our truck is the red one.

It looks weird, decorated trees and green grass. Our truck is the red one.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. *Merry Christmas* Bev from one of the few places having snow in Canada 🙂 … apparently there will be many Canadians sharing your rain (and I don’t mean the rest of the snowbirds, LOL). Hope you & Richard have a lovely one!

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  2. Merry Christmas. Looks like Santa needs a shave. Hopefully the weather will improve for you. It’s quite nice here today. Bright sun but a bit cooler than the last week or two. Hope you guys have a nice Christmas. Sounds like you’ll settle in there for a while, so it should be more restful.


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