Old Familiar

Well we have been here at St George Island State Park for a week. This was one of our favourite spots last year and continues to be a place we would return to again and again. We have got a nice concrete pad for the camper right across from the shower house. The only thing that would make it better would be a sewer connection to go with the water and electrical hook-up.

As I mention the shower house is right across the street from our camp spot. This makes it very convenient to have your morning shower. The advantage to showering there is you are not going to run out of hot water, the camper only holds 10 gallons of hot water and you usually have more water pressure that the campsite or your water pump can provide. However this shower house is quite a large building that doesn’t have any heating. I am sure the size of the building keeps it cool in the summer but it is quite cool when you get out of the shower in December. So not much time is taken to towel off and get dressed.

A sewer connection would also be beneficial, as we wouldn’t have to manage your wastewater. The wastewater tanks on the camper only hold so much and when they are full, they need to be dumped. This means dragging the camper down to the dump station and then setting it back up in your camp spot. I think this would be a real pain, especially for the camp hosts. There are two sets of camp hosts in the park.   Their job is to welcome you when you arrive and answer any questions you might have. They are also responsible for selling ice and firewood. It also looks like they do some minor maintenance in the campground.   They can be here for up to three months so I am sure they have figured out a way to do this. Me, I try to minimize the amount of wastewater we create. As a camper we are only allowed to stay a maximum of two weeks so this helps our conservation efforts.

As you can see by the pictures there are many critters in the park, mostly birds. Around the campsite there are also squirrels. They are very inquisitive, especially when Bev is feeding them nuts. Sitting outside in the sun will bring them up on your lap, looking for food. They are also found in the holly bushes that surround the campsite. They are up in these bushes along with the Cardinals eating the seeds. On the ground, in the same bushes are little grey birds that are foraging around. I heard someone mention Cow Birds. After looking in our bird book we don’t think this is what they are, we think they are Northern Mockingbird. Of course we have seen Great Blue Herons as well as Great Egrets. Once again looking in our bird book we noticed that there is also a Great White Heron so now we are wondering if these white birds we are seeing are Herons or Egrets. The book mentions that the Herons can be 46” tall while the Egrets are only 39”. This height is hard to determine when you are watching them from afar so back to the book for more clues. It appears that the Egret has black legs white the Great White Heron has yellow legs, so the white birds in this post are Great Egrets, according to the Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America.

We have gotten into a bit of a routine here at the campsite. I usually get up in the morning and have breakfast and then go sit outside in the sun and read. Bev, the sleepy inner, gets up a little later. After lunch we decide what’s on for the rest of the day. We try to get in our daily bike ride, which is usually around the campground, and maybe out to one of the picnic pavilions on the beach. The weather has been quite good so we haven’t had to stay indoors are travel into town, just for something to do. We have ventured into town, both the St George town site as well as Eastpoint.

We venture into St George often as this is the only place were we can get a Wi-Fi signal. This is important as we are still looking for places to stay before we head home. We are at this park until December 20 and then we move east and are at another RV Park until January 3rd. Starting on February 15th we are at an RV park in the Keys. We are in the Keys until the end of March with one of our stops only 30 miles from Key West. Key West is the end of the road, we will certainly be checking that out. So we are still looking for places to stay between January 3rd and February 15th. Bev is coming up with a plan that we should be testing soon.

Eastpoint is where we buy our fuel and groceries. It is a little bit larger than St George but not large by any means. We stopped in for groceries earlier in the week, they are a bit pricy but better than traveling 20 miles to Carrabelle or 10 miles to Apalachicola. Both Carrabelle and Apalachicola are only slightly larger than Eastpoint so we don’t expect a huge savings. At Eastpoint we recognized the clerk as the same one from last year and questioned her about smoked ribs. Last year she had mentioned that a local gentleman smoked ribs outside the store on Fridays and we wanted to know if this still happens. It sure does, so our intent is to stop in on Friday afternoon and pick up some ribs. It turns out he also does chicken and brisket but we are going to stick with the ribs.

So on Friday after researching more RV Parks to visit we headed over the second longest bridge in Florida, back into Eastpoint to pick up some ribs. The bridge is 6.8 Kms long. In our past visits into Eastpoint the town seemed deserted but today there were lots of kids and adults lining the main street. We couldn’t figure out what was going on so we asked at the grocery store. Well it seems that they were having a Santa Clause parade and it was going to start in about 5 minutes. Well by the time we got our ribs and a few other necessities in the truck the police had already blocked off the street. Our options seemed to be either stay and watch the parade or scoot around the police car at the end of the grocery store parking lot. We scooted around the police car and headed home driving right past another spot loaded with kids and parents. I think this was the spot Santa was going to meet the kids. Good thing we exited when we did or we could have been part of the parade.

Supper that night were smoked ribs along with some baked potatoes. The potatoes were delicious and the ribs were OK. They were flavourful enough but we both found them a bit dry. Maybe we needed to put some sauce on them while they were re-heating. We were also looking forward to some vegetables to balance out the meal but found out our microwave oven isn’t working. We had used the convection part of the oven the night before to cook up some of Bev’s world-class lasagna and later that evening we popped some popcorn in the microwave but after three minutes the vegetables were still frozen. Just one more thing on the list to get fixed. We will see what the manufacturer says on Monday. Hopefully we can get a replacement installed during our travels.

The routine in the evenings has normally been to watch TV. The program selection isn’t all that great, with only three channels. One of them is a PBS station, they have some interesting shows but they repeat often. The other station we get is the Create channel. This is another PBS station but is mostly geared to food preparation, gardening and home improvements. It is OK as well but again the programs repeat often during the evening. The last channel is the Florida Channel. Here we can learn all about the State Government issues but every once in a while there will be a program focused on tourist or Florida history. These are very interesting. All these channels have no commercials, except for the pledge breaks on the PBS station. It doesn’t take long to flip through the dial to see if there is anything on that you want to watch. Not like some of the larger centres we have been at that offer 20 or 30 channels where it takes you 15 minutes to figure out what is being offered. So if we don’t find anything interesting, we sit and watch a movie that I brought along or we watch The Big Bang Theory. We started with the complete 6 seasons they have been on and are now half way through season 5. I have it figured out so we can view the movies as well as the Big Bang Theory on our TV so we aren’t restricted by the size of the laptop display.

Well another week here and we will be pulling on down the road. I don’t expect there will be much change in the routine for the next week. I think once we get our accommodations nailed down we will be spending some quality time on the beach.

Hope you like the pictures, until next time.


2 thoughts on “Old Familiar

  1. Sorry to hear about your microwave. Hopefully you will be able to get it fixed soon. Once again the pictures are awesome. Can’t wait to see what the Keys look like. Did Bev get her bike up to 25 mph? 🙂


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