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When we checked in the other day the Park Officer mentioned that our Park Pass would also let us into the Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area. We needed to venture out today so thought, “Why not start here?” The Park Officer mentioned that it is the Grand Canyon of Georgia and was worth a visit. It was only 8 miles down the road, so off we went.

This Recreation Area, we discover, is used for hikers and backcountry camping as well as a great place to come and have a picnic. Behind the Interpretive Centre there is a path that leads down to the canyon floor. There is water running in the canyon. I am not sure where it is coming from but suspect it must be from a spring.

Over the years it has carved out this area. There are a number of trails that you can follow from the canyon floor but I decided not to explore too much and chance getting lost. A quick trip down to snap a picture and a little bit longer to get back up to the truck. For some reason the path didn’t look that steep going down.

Around the park there are many picnic tables that could be used by families. There was also a wooden fence that prevented you from falling into the gorge. Along this fence line there were numerous lookout spots where you could safely view this natural wonder.

Bev and I took the opportunity to have a little picnic before we left the park and proceed to Eufaula Alabama. We travelled back the 8 miles to Florence Marina and then headed southwest into Alabama. Along the way we passed a few cotton fields. Previously we wondered how cotton was harvested and processed. At one of our stops that had a good Internet connection we did a little research and watched a few videos. Along our trip we noticed a few bales of cotton and had to stop and take a picture.

Eufaula seems like a nice little town. We quickly found the McDonald’s and settled in with a drink and some fries. Previously Bev had highlighted the RV parks in the Keys that intrigued her, so our task was to research these locations. We had a look at their websites, looked at their campground map and made note of their rates. We quickly found out that we weren’t going to get anyplace for the price we had paid in the past. Their prices were considerably more than the $30/night we were used to. It boils down to supply, very little real estate in the Keys and demand, this is a very desirable place to spend the winter.

After our research we headed back to the camper to analyze the data we had collected. Bev is considering all the possibilities and will come up with a final plan tomorrow so we can then check on availability. But tomorrow is moving day and when we finally put our feet up we will be in Florida at St George Island State Park. This was one of our favourite places during our travels last year. We are looking forward to getting back on the beach.


One thought on “Out and About

  1. Glad to hear you are now in a routine of visiting McDonalds for coffee where ever you go. Makes us wish we could join you. Oh well, we’ll look forward when you get back to Saskatoon in the Spring to meeting for coffees again. Really loved the pictures of the canyon. Keep the blog entries and pictures coming.


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