Roll Out The Relaxation

This morning when I woke up it was a bit cool in the camper. I think last night was the first night we didn’t leave the fireplace on. After breakfast I ventured out to find the outside temperature was significantly warmer than the inside temperature.

When we pulled into the park yesterday they were having computer problem so I couldn’t register. I decided to walk over to the park office, pay my money and have a walk around the park.

They have a little nature trail by the boat launch parking lot. This is where I headed next with my camera. There wasn’t a lot to see except for the Irish moss hanging from the pine trees. There is also a lot of leaf litter on the ground. I was able to snap a few pictures on my walk. There was an alligator about 5 feet long than moved. If he hadn’t moved I wouldn’t have see him and been able to snap the pictures. There were also a number of turtles sunning themselves in the water. They were kind of cool and certainly didn’t make any noise.

Back at the camper I quickly changed into some short pants. Bev and I then took a little bike ride around the park. There are about nine cabins that you can rent as well as about 30 campsites. There are only 6 campers here now and that includes the Camp Host. It is pretty quiet except for the crickets at night and those darn crows in the morning.

That pretty much sums up our day. Pretty tiring, we are just exhausted. 😊

Yesterday we noticed that there was a Wi-Fi signal with no Internet connection. Our thoughts were maybe this had something to do with the Park’s computer system and maybe it would work itself out. I check this morning and still had the wi-fi but no connection. The park Officer advised me there is no WI-FI in the park and I was probably connecting to someone’s hotspot. Tomorrow we are planning on visiting another nearby park as it is supposed to be the Grand Canyon of Georgia. We will also swing by Eufaula, Georgia and possibly have tea at, you guessed it McD’s.


One thought on “Roll Out The Relaxation

  1. Very nice pictures. I don’t think I would get too close to that alligator. At least you’re far enough south that you will probably have nice weather (not counting rainy days) for the rest of your time further south. You probably won’t believe it, but we have a warm spell here. Highs were +5 and +8 and a lot of snow has melted. The streets are like Spring – very wet and slushy.


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