Sitting Amongst The Pines

We left Chattanooga this morning with warm overcast skies. The temperature on the truck showed 15°C and it was only 9 A.M. The overcast sky made it a nice day to travel. As we progressed to Atlanta the sun started peeking out and the temperature started to rise. I know I am not going to get any sympathy when I tell you I was overdressed with long pants and a thick golf shirt. The temperature as we pulled into Florence Marina State Park was hitting +25°C.

This is a nice campground amongst tall pine trees draped with moss. It is very quiet. We are here for 3 nights and then off to St George Island State Park in Florida. We will be leaving there on December 20th. Bev has us stopping around the corner of Florida at The Old Pavilion RV Park near Keaton. We are here until December 29th. After than everything is a guess. I am sure we will have something secured before that date arrives.


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