Time to Move

Today was another lazy day. The skies were overcast and there were showers on and off all day, but on the plus side, the temperature hovered around 15 °C.

I looked at our route to St George Island State Park and it looks like we need at least one stop.   With this in mind I started looking for campsites that would fill in the time before our check-in date. The Wi-Fi connection at Camping World was quite flaky this morning so after lunch we headed out for tea and guess where we ended up. Yes, McDonald’s was our stop. The computer connection here was much better and we were able to locate a spot to put our head down.

Looking forward, now we are in the hunt for a place to stay after December 20th. We started by calling the Florida State Park reservation system. We were specifically looking for the two-week availability of a spot within the four parks in the keys during the months of February or March. Unfortunately there was no room at these parks. We were told they were the most popular in the state.

So now Bev is looking at private RV parks working her way around the gulf coast. We know the private parks will be a little more money but they also offer more. The State Parks normally restrict your stay to a maximum of two weeks and in the past we found that most of them don’t offer a sewer connection so you have to keep an eye on the amount of wastewater created.

Well we will see what we can come up with and will probably be on the phone tomorrow once we settle in at Florence Marina State Park in Georgia.


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