Out and about

Yesterday was the American Thanksgiving and the weather outside wasn’t all that great so it was another lazy day in the camper. There was come cards played and some TV watched and the BBQ was fired up. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was on TV. We watched this for 3 hours as we played cards. Once that was over the BBQ was fired up so we could enjoy that baked potato and steak I mentioned the other day. They were great. The apple pie was pretty good too. The rest of the evening was spent trying to keep warm. They were calling for freezing temperatures overnight so I disconnected the water hose before we went to bed.

Today however was much more productive. I got up in the morning a little earlier than usual and headed over to the Camping World store. This appears to be the only place were there is free Wi-Fi. While there, I found out were the customer lounge was and were I could get connected. I also walked over to the Service Department, as there are still two minor warranty issues than need to be addressed. It turns out they will try to squeeze us in on Monday. So if they can get us in we will be staying here one more night, if not we will move on down the road toward Florida. While at the Service Department, I was able to get the propane tanks filled. I knew that two were empty and the third I was not sure as it was last filled at a Flying J. The Flying J technician had insisted the empty tanks I brought in were full with only 2 gallons of propane. I didn’t believe him. When I walked away after purchasing 12.7 gallons, I knew all three were full. I was also able to get the monthly banking done, found the address of the Tourist Information Centre, the time of the Christmas boat tour this evening as well as the address of a glass shop we wanted to visit.

After lunch we were off to find the Tourist info Centre. Less than 5 minutes on the interstate highway and we were downtown Chattanooga. My research showed there were two possible locations for the Info Centre. It was moving in 2014. We didn’t know which one was right so we searched out both locations. You think they would be easily identifiable, with signage, right? Well not so much. Circling the block a few times we both asked, “where are all the people”? In the other larger cities we had visited the sidewalks were very crowded. Well not here.

Well we finally found the Visitor Centre. It was tucked in a little alley and not well-marked. The ladies there were quite helpful in explaining the different attractions around town. It turns out the Christmas Boat Tour didn’t start until 7 P.M. and was only a few blocks from the Visitor Centre. As we already had a parking spot, we could walk. Except it was only 5 o’clock and neither of us had brought our warm jackets so I guess we were going to miss the boats. We did get extra info on the Inclined Railway as well as a boat tour on the Tennessee River called the River Gorge Explorer.

During our drive we discovered the glass shop (IGNIS Glass Studio) that was on our list of places to visit. We had visited a similar glass shop in Canmore a few years ago and heard about this one on a TV special. Here they have their glass blowing shop out front and the gallery in the back. We stopped in and were surprised to see customers creating their own Christmas ornaments with the help of the artist. It was interesting to watch. The professional would pick up some hot glass on the blow tube then the customer would turn it in the furnace. The ingot was formed into a ball and then dipped into the colours the customer had chosen. The customer then got the opportunity to blow into the blowpipe while the artist formed the ball. The newly formed ball is then cut off the rest of the glass and a loop is attached. The whole thing is then placed in a cooling oven overnight ready for your pick-up tomorrow. The glass blowing was interesting, the gallery not so much. There wasn’t a lot of product on display and nothing really appealed to us so no money changed hands.

Another thing we found odd in downtown was the angle parking. You might say, what’s so odd about angle parking. Well, this angle parking was back in only. Also the one-way streets had parking, but on the left hand side, not the right side as we have become accustomed too.

After the glass studio we were back on the highway heading to the camper wondering what we will see tomorrow.


One thought on “Out and about

  1. We’re just catching up with your last 3 entries. They are very interesting. We like the pictures and links that you include because we can then see some of the places you describe in your blog. Chattanooga looks really interesting. We would love to see the Civil War attraction. It’s also interesting to still see green grass and green foliage. It’s too cold here today to even tell you. Suffice it to say we’ll be inside watching football. Can you get a TV signal or streaming video for today’s Grey Cup game? We await more news of your journey as you slowly head south towards Florida.


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