All Around Nashville

We have spent the last few days just south of Nashville at the Nashville I-24 RV Park. It is located in the town of Smyrna Tennessee. A place we put down roots and called home for the last few days.

After settling in for the night on Friday we decided to see if we could find one of the two visitor centres in downtown Nashville on Saturday. They would certainly be able to help us decide on the activities we could enjoy. Fifteen minutes on the Interstate brought us down Broadway Avenue, a very bust street with many shops and attractions. After circling the block a number of times we found the Visitor Centre but not any parking spots. We are beginning to realize that on-street parking is almost non-existent in these larger cities and you have to find a parking lot if you want to get out of your vehicle. Being a little overwhelmed with the number of people and vehicles downtown we decided to head back to the camper. Well, those 15 minutes on the Interstate to get down town turned into over an hour on the way home. It was almost 4 o’clock and all you could see were four lanes of red tail lights inching along out of the city.

We took the next day off, due to rain. But the day after, we venture back downtown. Our task was to locate the Grey Line ticket office and see if there were any parking places close by, you see we wanted to go an a city tour. Grey Line was offering a narrated, hop-on, hop-off tour on an old trolley bus. Well it looked like there was parking right across the street so we could venture back tomorrow and take the tour. While we were downtown we plugged in the address for the Grand Ole Opry and headed out to see what that was all about.

The Opry is a grand Hotel, Convention Centre and huge entertainment venue. We are not really sure what the relationship with the music scene is now as most of the entertainment is now held at the Ryman Auditorium except for some really special events like their upcoming Christmas program featuring the Rockettes. The Ryman is a huge venue located downtown. In fact while we were there some big name artists were putting on a concert. The proceeds of the concert will be used in a program for underprivileged children. The kids will be picked up at school and taken on a Christmas shopping spree and then returned home after a meal at a popular kids restaurant.

Well the city tour was pretty informative. The narration was good and Bev and I both got to look out the window to see what was being described. Someone else was worrying about the driving and I was OK with that. We drove past many of the cities highlights and were impressed with the very interesting skyline.

The tour ended where it started, right at the end of Broadway. Since we had already paid for off street parking we decided to walk up the street a bit and see what the shops had to offer. We walked away with a few items and then settled down in an old feed and poultry store that had been converted to a restaurant, for supper. We both had the catfish and chips. They were nothing to write home about but I must say I really enjoyed the Tennessee Ketchup. It had a little more zip than the Heinz we have at home.

It was getting late by the time we had finished supper. We were in for another long trip back home. Arriving safe and sound we settled in for the evening, looking forward to what adventures tomorrow will bring.



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