Tour The Park

Last night wasn’t all that bad. With a little tweaking we were able to get two TV stations, Country Music TV as well as NBC. Well we are not really huge country music fans yet we are going to Nashville, go figure. Well we couldn’t find anything to watch on NBC so out came the computer and we watched 6 or 8 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I had down loaded the first seven seasons before we left and they are coming in handy now. If we get tired of this comedy series, a series we both love, there are also the movies that we brought along.

The Park Ranger came around during the night to ensure we knew that we needed to visit the Park Office in the morning to pay for our spot. He also told us we couldn’t have the water connected to the RV as it was supposed to freeze overnight and he wanted the taps turned off to protect the pipes. So before I went to bed I topped up the fresh water tank and disconnected my hose and switched off the water tap. We were now all tucked in for bed.

The sun was out again in the morning. It was nice and warm, if you could get out of the slight breeze. Bev and I had a great night sleep. We had somewhat gotten used to the noise from the barges and trains all night at Tom Sawyer but really noticed a difference here. It is dead quiet at night.

First thing after breakfast was a short walk to the Office. I paid for two nights so we could just kick back and relax for another day. I then went for a short walk around the campsite. After that was a very warm shower in the bathhouse. There was no fear of running out of hot water and the pressure was much better than the pump in the camper can provide. This park would be even more enjoyable in the summer. We went for a drive into the various areas and found many places for families to picnic. There were places to swim as well as fish. We also came across some white-tailed deer munching the grass on the side of the road. They were smaller than we are used to but certainly looked healthy.

After our drive we decided to stop in at the hotel/convention centre that is in the park. Our intent was to stop for a tea and dessert. Well we were a little surprised to find the restaurant closed. It didn’t open until 5 for their supper buffet. Well we could wait for the buffet and used the time to catch up on e-mail and post a note for yesterday in the blog. It seems the hotel is the only place with Wi-Fi. It worked really well.

At five o’clock we had the buffet. There was quite a variety of food for only $10. Needless to say we got our money’s worth.

Tomorrow we are off again, moving to the other side of Nashville. We have a spot booked for two days and are not sure where we will be after that. Stay tuned and you will find out shortly after I do.



One thought on “Tour The Park

  1. Once again you have posted some awesome pictures. Sounds like things are going fine now. Too bad the temperature isn’t a little warmer but we suspect you won’t have anything to complain about as you head further south towards and into Florida. We went to McDonald’s for coffee this afternoon and ran into Muriel and Byron. We sure miss our Monday coffee get-togethers with you guys. Keep the blog entries and pictures coming.


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