On The Road Again

Today started off to be a much better day. The temperature was +4°, warmer than it was all day yesterday. We took a little side trip south of Memphis to visit the Camping World store. Our hope was that this would be the easiest and most convenient way to get the water heater fixed…stop in while we are on the move. I was told we could drop the trailer off and they could look at it sometime next week as most of their technicians had taken the week off. I explained to her that we then would carry on the Nashville. She asked me to stop and she would see what she could do. Lucky us, they were able to put a technician on it right away. Thirty minutes later, there was nothing left except to exchange some cash, and we were on our way again.

Travelling northeast, well mostly travelling east, towards Nashville was enjoyable. The sun peaked out on occasion and the temperature rose to +12°. We are now in the rolling hills with trees on both sides of the highway. We do see cotton fields peeking out ever so often.

We pulled into Montgomery Bell State Park about 4:15. Luck would have it that the park office closed at 4:00. We wandered around and found a campsite. We will have to pay for it tomorrow as we proceed into Nashville. The park is quite nice. Wooded with spacious camp spots. Unfortunately there is no television reception and no Wi-Fi so we are going to have to switch up the routine for tonight.


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