Frozen Pipes

Well not frozen pipes, but a frozen hose. Yes this is the second night I have woken up with a frozen water hose. As well, the water supply tap is frozen. These are all on the shaded side of the camper so after a few hours they will be exposed to the sun and things will thaw out. All I need to do is close the tap and disconnect the hose. I have another hose in the basement of the camper that I will swap with the frozen one once the tap thaws.

So this morning the temperature was 0°. It was cold and white. There also was a lot of water around as the snow was quickly melting from the sun exposure. I wasn’t too concerned, but our neighbour seemed a little on edge. I heard him out banging around at 7:30 in the morning. When I finally got up around 8:30 he was still out and I could see 4 one-gallon jugs of RV antifreeze around his camper. I think he was a little concerned about frozen pipes but am not sure where he could drive in a day to get away from the cold. Later I could see him up on his collapsible ladder scraping the snow or frost from the top of his slides. The next thing I notice, the slides of his camper are in and he is pulling away.

Closer to noon we got a new neighbour to the side of us. He came over to chat about stealing power from you power post. I didn’t have a problem since I wasn’t paying anything extra for electricity. He had some sort of hookup that needed a 15 amp service so he could plug in his heat lamps and fan for the basement of his RV. To keep it from freezing I guess. The power posts don’t have a 15-amp service, just 30 and 50 amp. He had some sort of contraption that would work but needed one of my outlets. We chatted for a while and then I swapped out my water hose as the tap was now letting water flow, a quick check showed it was a whopping +1.

The low for tonight is -8° so in the afternoon, I put some fresh water in our holding tans, disconnected the water hose and turned off the tap. I know things are going to be frozen tomorrow so this way we will have running water and won’t have to wait for things to thaw.

I have added some pictures below. All are from our adventures around Memphis over the last few days. As we are only planning on staying here tomorrow with nothing planned and leaving on Wednesday (it’s supposed to be much warmer then) I don’t think there will be anymore pictures to show you. If there are, they will be in the next post.

See you down the road.


One thought on “Frozen Pipes

  1. Sorry to hear about your water problems but it sounds like you have a solution until you get further south where freezing won’t be a problem. The latest batch of pictures are awesome (as usual). I can’t believe the size of the barge on the river. Too bad you are having trouble with your electric heater. Just another example of manufacturer’s problems. We really look forward to your blogs so keep them coming! We miss you guys and getting together for coffee.


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