Rain Rain, Go Away

Yes, today we woke up to rain. Well not rain with drops or anything, it is more like a curtain of water, wet fog. It is so thick I can’t see across the Mississippi river.

Because of the weather, it was another lazy day in the camper. We did however venture out in the afternoon to buy a few things at our favourite store, Walmart. There were a few items that we had noted we had either forgotten to bring or we had run out of and needed. Like bread and milk. We also stopped for some fuel, as it was our intention to move toward Nashville tomorrow with a quick stop at Camping World. I always like to start the day with a full tank. We also had a propane tank that needed filling. I wasn’t going back to Flying J as last time they “filled” a tank they only put in a gallon and a half of propane. An empty 20 lb tank should hold about 4.7 gallons. The young adult filling the tank ensured me it was full because it stops filling automatically. This tank is now in use, I am just waiting for it to empty, it won’t be long.  We actually stopped at Tractor Supply to refill the propane.  Their webpage said they were open Sunday so we decided to stop in.  What they didn’t tell you was that there were no qualified staff working this sunday. So we stopped in and weren’t able to get a fill.  Oh well we still have one full tank and the “full” tank that was filled at the Flying J.  We should be alright for the night.

Talking about fuel. We did stop and fill up the truck with diesel. We found a place in West Memphis (on our travels) that was not near the interstate that was selling diesel for $3.17 a gallon. This is the cheapest we have seen. The stations along the interstate are ranging closer to $4.00 a gallon. And just to let you know there is a discount for paying cash, usually in the neighborhood of 10¢ a gallon. Or you can think of it as paying a premium for using your credit card.

We got back into the camper just in time to listen to the end of the 1st quarter of the CFL western semifinal between the Riders and the Eskimos. It is interesting to listen to the announcers from Regina. They are kind of funny. One moment supporting the Riders and the next calling them down. It was a disappointing afternoon listening as they got eliminated, but it really was not surprising if you have been following them this year. Well now it is prep time for them and the Grey Cup playoffs in Winnipeg next year. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.  I think they need to get a new “O” line, but that’s my opinion and what do I know?

They are calling for snow tonight with the real cold stopping by on Tuesday and Tuesday night. Things are going to freeze for sure. With the wet weather, cold temperature and frozen ground, we have decided to stay a few more nights at the Tom Sawyer RV Park.


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