Water Woes

I am not sure if I had mentioned in an earlier post or not but our water heater is not heating water with electricity. It works fine with the propane option but not with shore power. I had emailed out RV dealer back in Saskatoon for any suggestions earlier in the week. Our dealer had forwarded my questions on to the manufacturer; you know the one that took months to repair our cracked wall. I received a reply from them stating the heating element would need to be replaced. Of course there are always more questions so I fired off another email to the manufacturer and have yet to receive a reply.

Well with a little poking around and with the limited tools that I have brought with us, I confirmed that the heating element was burned out. This should be an easy fix. I located a replacement part at the local Camping World and will go pick it up if I can get the broken part removed. Here lies the problem. The heating element is located behind the gas lines on the water tank and requires a 1 ¼ inch socket. I don’t have one and neither does the RV Park. I think we will be stopping in the Camping World service department once we get on the move again. They can bust up their knuckles getting it replaced.

Today we also booked our City Tour. They will come and pick us up at our hotel but because we are in West Memphis we need to get picked up at the Welcome Centre. They have a large parking lot and is easy to find (they say).

Because we still had some time left before sunset we decided to take a trip into Memphis and see if we could in fact find the Welcome Centre. We would also know how long it would take us tomorrow so we didn’t miss our pickup. Well the elderly lady that was helping us at the Welcome Centre was hilarious. With her southern drawl and dry sense of humour, she was a joy to talk to. She was an excellent representative for Memphis tourism.

After leaving the Welcome Centre with over an inch of paper brochures we ventured out across town to another BBQ restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This one was called Leonard’s BBQ Pit. It is one of the oldest BBQ places in town. Well I have to tell you that the food wasn’t great. It was all right and there was plenty for the price, but the taste just wasn’t there


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