Little Rock

The last two days have been very relaxing.  This was very welcome after a very long driving day on Monday.

Tuesday was spent just relaxing in the camper.  It was cold and still windy out so we stayed in most of the day, reading, drinking tea and playing cards.  We were getting a little cooped up so we did venture out and took a walk across the Clinton Presidential bridge.  It is located just outside the RV park where we are staying. This bridge is all lit up at night.  It is really quite impressive, even better than those LED lights they put on the traffic bridge in Saskatoon.

Well Wednesday wasn’t much warmer but the sun was shining so that was a plus.  We ventured out again, this time on the River Rail Electric Streetcar.  This is a trolley that travels through North Little Rock as well as Little Rock.  The driver was very entertaining and informative with his description of the building and businesses on the route.  It turns out the trolley was imported from Milan Italy and refurbished by a local company.  The pictures don’t really do justice to the craftsmanship that included solid oak throughout with reversing seats.  Of course there was a local who supposedly was the drivers uncle, but who knows for sure.  He wanted me to take his picture but wouldn’t smile and show us his one tooth.

After the tour we headed over to the “Big Dam Bridge”This bridge is over 4000 feet long and allows pedestrian as well as bicycle traffic over the Arkansas River.  It seems that there is an extensive multi-use pathway along the river with this bridge being only one of the crossing points.

The truck’s GPS is serving us well.  We are able to plan our excursions without a worry of getting lost and can plan our return trip via a different route so we can can see some other areas.  We will certainly see different things tomorrow as we venture over to Nashville TN.


One thought on “Little Rock

  1. Awesome pictures! They really enhance the blog text. Sounds like there are lots of things to look at/do. However, don’t complain about the “cold and windy” weather. It’s going to be minus 22 here tonight, so you are not likely to get any sympathy from us. 🙂


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