On the Banks

Today we travelled to North Little Rock AR. I think this place is just a suburb of Little Rock but the RV Manager assure me it is a separate city.  The drive was slow as we were battling a very strong head wind.  So the fuel economy was not that great.  Things got a little easier when we turned east.  It was later in the afternoon so the wind seemed to have subsided and it now wasn’t head on.

Besides the wind, the drive was enjoyable.  The landscape has changed from corn fields to ranch land.  Gentle rolling hills also highlighted the fall colours that are present in the variety of trees along the roadway.  When we pulled into the Downtown Riverside RV Park, it was dark and just before closing.  We quickly got the camper set up and settled down for an enjoyable supper.  After supper and after the dishes were done, I couldn’t resist going outside and snapping a few pictures from our doorstep on the Arkansas river.

River View

The Arkansas River at our doorstep

They are calling for a cold snap over the next few days so we are not sure what we are going to be doing.  You will have to come back and see.


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