Ears as Far as The Eye Can See

Yes that is right, more cornfields with farmers out in their combines. We just can’t get over the size of these farms and they are working the land in November

We also like the way things are still green. The weeds in the ditches are green and there are still green leaves on some of the trees. Quite a bit of time travelling today was beside a short ridge to the east of the interstate. On this ridge there were wonderful fall colours. The trees were displaying the greens, yellow, oranges and reds of fall.

Today we also got to travel through Omaha and Kansas City. These are very large centers with interesting skylines. Bev was able enjoy these skyscrapers as I was becoming familiar with travelling through busy five or six lane interchanges. We didn’t want to get off on the wrong exit and end up in the middle of downtown. I think we have done that before.

The drive today was very pleasant. We are settling into a routine where we stop at a roadside rest stop around lunchtime. Here we stretch our legs open up the camper and have something to eat. Once we get settled in a place for a while this routine will certainly change. But right now the goal is to drive south into the warmth and sunshine. We know back home it is a bit cold and we are getting spoiled and are whining when it isn’t above 10 degrees.

Today we made good time and stopped just on the other side of Kansas City in a small town on highway 71 called Peculiar, MO. We are looking forward to a quiet night, electricity and some hot water. We got everything set up and I was able to cook some burgers on the BBQ without putting on a jacket.

That’s where things started to fall apart. We started to get the TV set up and noticed we are misusing a remote control. We also couldn’t get any signal to the TV in the bedroom. A little investigating and it was discovered that when the manufacturer replaced the wall they hooked up the TV cables to the wrong connectors. I was able to correct this so we can now watch the nightly news in bed. I also discovered we have no hot water. I am waiting until tomorrow to see if I can figure out what is wrong there. Hopefully this won’t take very long as we want to take the day and drive back into Kansas City and check it out. Bev has mentioned that the TV show “Diners, Drive-in and Dives” have been to Kansas city so we might find some interesting place to have supper.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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