What A Night

We didn’t get much sleep last night, as those 2 semi units were very loud. It also started raining in the middle of the night. This added to the drone of the diesel engines and but provided enough variation that a few winks were had.

As I was lying in bed I was hoping it was just rain and not sleet. It seemed to be quite breezy outside. I was concerned to what we would see once the sun got up. Well it was just rain but there was a very strong wind from the south. It would be slower going today driving into the wind.

Within a few short hours of leaving, the rain had stopped, the wind had died down and we were seeing the odd glimmer of sunlight. We got to enjoy the scenery that North Dakota was providing. Let me tell you, North Dakota is flat. Bev and I both think it is flatter than Saskatchewan. And the farms are huge. We are sure you could see the dog running away from home for a week.

As I said the farms are huge and corn seems to be the crop of choice. We saw it standing and wondered if it had been harvested yet. We saw fields with the stalks lying down and we saw fields where farmers were cultivating the stalks into the ground. We also saw it all bailed up. This whole process is a mystery to us. If any of you farmers out there want to chime in with an explanation, please do.

South Dakota provided the same crops but the flatness turned to rolling hills as we increased our elevation. It also warmed up, the temperature hit 12 degrees. Again huge farms and the soil is black. It must be good land. We even saw fields that were green and are unsure as to why, just weeds or another crop?

Oh and another night without Internet access. So the rider game will go unheard by us. We hope they do well, as this is their last game of the regular season. Hopefully we will be able to take in some of their playoff games as CKRM radio in Regina provides commentary and they also broadcast on the Internet.

We didn’t get as far as we planned today, stopping short of Sioux City IO. Tomorrow Bev has a plan that we will end up someplace around Kansas City MO.


One thought on “What A Night

  1. Sounds like you’re making good progress. It’s minus 14 with a minus 21 wind chill here today. And it’s still not officially winter yet! Hope you enjoy the nicer weather as you get further south. Keep the blog entries coming. We really enjoy them. We also like following your progress on the map.


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