Day 2

Both of us had a good night sleep and woke up refreshed ready to get going. It was -6 ºC outside with a heavy frost on the truck windows. I can’t remember when the last time I had to scrape the windows, but the sun was shining.

We snuck across the border at Emerson Manitoba. The crossing guard wasn’t all that friendly, but maybe that is his job. The scenery is the same as in Saskatchewan, farmland upon farmland. The highways are much better though. You don’t have that constant thud-thud, thud-thud, thud-thud as you drive over the cracks in the asphalt. We even saw some farmers out tilling their land. Imagine that in November. No snow was to be seen anywhere.

We stopped and fuel up in Grand Forks ND. We also took the opportunity to visit Walmart, our favourite store, and purchased another cell phone. It turns out that we were unable to re-activate the phone we purchased on our last trip. At least that is what the salesman said. Our nightly stop is at the Flying J Travel Centre. Now matter how you dress it up, this was a typical truck stop. They have a Subway and a full service restaurant. We stopped at the restaurant for a hot meal and returned to the parking lot to find ourselves sandwiched between two semi units. I think tonight will be not so quiet as their engines idle for the duration of their stay.

After another cup of tea and Bev beating me in cribbage, again, it was another early night. Our plans, are to bunk down tomorrow in Sioux City IO.


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