Is It Time?

For those that have stumbled upon us, this site is intended to chronicle our adventures this winter.  If you are interested in reading and seeing pictures from last winter’s holiday you will have to step back in time to our previous blog.  It can be found at  Those of you that have been following along from last year, we hope you like the improvements,

Friends and family have been asking.  They want to know when we are leaving for warmer weather. Well it has been an interesting summer, so interesting that until a few days ago we had no idea when, or if, we would be able to pack up and get out-of-town.

Lets start back at the end of the season last year.  We returned back to Saskatoon in mid April.  There were a few warranty issues that needed to be repaired so we took our RV to the dealer.  Here we found out that one wall of the unit was cracked.  Oh Joy!  In fact it would have to be sent back to the manufacturer in Indiana for repair.

We dropped our unit off at the dealership in mid June and they would take care of the rest (so we thought).  Our timeline was flexible, as long as we had it back by the fall, say the end of October.  You would think this would be do-able, right?  Four and a half months to get everything fixed.  The dealer here stated it would only take three weeks once they get the trailer in the production line.  Well the unit never left for Indiana until the beginning of August and the work never got started until who knows when.  Needless to say we weren’t very impressed with the service we were getting from the dealership or the manufacturer.  But when the dust finally settled our camper left the manufacturer on October 23rd with all the warranty work taken care of.  It  would only take 3 days to get it back into Saskatoon so we were gearing up for a Monday (Oct 27th) departure.  Little did we know that the camper had left the manufacturer but was now in the hands of the transport company and they had a different timeline.  Long story short and much frustration later the camper was back in our driveway on the 29th of October.  Now we can get ready.

We knew all along there were certain things that we needed to get done before we could leave,  But  with procrastination always lurking around the corner and the nice weather we were having, things didn’t progress as planned.  But then the weather started to turn cold, freezing at night, we even got a skiff of snow.  We were now getting motivated, big time.

So the camper is now packed and ready to go.  We have someone moving into the house to make sure the plants are watered, the snow gets shovelled and the mail is brought in.  Christmas presents have been bought and arrangements been made so they are delivered on time.  So tomorrow we are off to Regina to have lunch with one of the daughters and then heading east towards Winnipeg.  Thursday we should have crossed the border and be making good headway through North Dakota.  We will probably just be driving the first little while with our first stop being Nashville and Memphis.  But plans can change, as they often do.  So stick with us and see where we end up.


One thought on “Is It Time?

  1. Good luck tomorrow. Drive carefully. Say hello to Carly for us. We’ll be following your new blog and are excited for you guys to have better weather than you had last year.


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