Final Chapter

Well we are back home now.  We arrived back on Saskatoon April 8th with a balmy +17 degrees.  We traveled a little longer than we would normally that day.  We had made great time to Williston ND and it didn’t make a lot of sense to call it a day and find someplace to camp when it was just past lunch time.  So we soldiered on and arrived in Saskatoon around 7 P.M.

When we started this journey, lets just say we didn’t know what we were doing.  Well we certainly learned a lot over the last three months.  This knowledge will serve us well next winter.  Here are some things to note.

  • There are a lot of churches in south Texas.  You can travel 2 blocks and pass six churches.  It is amazing.
  • The people in the south are so polite.  They are alway apologizing for being in your way when in fact you are just standing looking in the grocery isle.
  • The locals are also very friendly.  You will often be referred to as “honey”, “dear”, “sweetie” or some other endearment.  I have started doing the same but it is a little uncomfortable when you are out of the area where this is the norm.
  • The young people have excellent manners, alway ending a statement with Mam or Sir.  And it was a pleasure not hearing the profanities we often hear in Saskatoon.
  • Spring Break in Florida is 7 to 8 weeks long.  It seems everyone in the United States wants to be in Florida for their own spring break. I was told Florida will see visitors from all of the states.  Not just Colleague kids but also families as well as teachers who are looking for break from the cold.  It was interesting to see the results of the local “Spring Break Courts” that were set up in the Florida Pan Handle.
  • Saint George’s Island will see us again next year.  The State Parks only allow a maximum stay of 14 days.  We may end up here for a couple of 14 day periods.
  • Because of the Spring Breaks, book your reservations early.  Some sites can be booked a year in advance.  We are hoping there will be room for us next year or maybe we will change the timing of when we are there.
  • Mardi Gras has a big draw to New Orleans so book early.  We were there a week before the events really got under way and couldn’t stay any longer because there was no room for us to stay.
  • As we had such a great time, next year we will extend our stay by leaving earlier.  Certainly before the snow flies here.

Well that is it for our adventure.  We hope you enjoyed our ramblings and photos.  If you would like more details, just drop us a note and maybe we can get together and have a coffee.


Bev and Richard


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