Holy, Moly, Snowy

We left this morning with a sunny plus 6 ℃.  The horizon however didn’t look that inviting.  Within a short time we had dipped to +2 and rain.  That rain quickly turned to snow and we had near white out condition for about 10 minutes.  Temperature now was -2℃.

As we progressed further north the weather improved.  No more rain or snow but there was still spots of snow in the sheltered fields and ditches.  We took a short cut around Billings MT by using highway 47 at Hardin MT, then headed right (east) toward Miles City.

The scenery was very interesting today.  Rolling hills, with farm and ranch land as far as the eye could see.  And if you were looking, you could easily spot white tail as well as prong horn deer, everywhere.  We are sure we must have seen over 200 in the fields on our travels today.

We are now stopped at a roadside rest stop near Bighorn and will venture tomorrow over to Williston ND.  Hopefully arriving Saskatoon Wednesday, mid afternoon.  Bev is still saying she wants to go back to the beach.  Unfortunately, she will have to wait a few months if the beach is located on an ocean.


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