Whoop Whoop, Look At The Weather

We are on the move today, leaving the RV Park to head into Colorado.  The weather forecast from last night predicted strong winds in the northern part of New Mexico starting around noon.  When we left the park the skies were sunny and clear with very little wind.  The thermometer was reading about +9 ℃.

The weather changed in Colorado, which was after lunch.  The wind picked up as we climbed in altitude.  We then hit the rain and yes the temperature did drop.   The rain turned to hail for a short period of time and when the temperature dropped to +2 we had about 4 inches of wet heavy snow stuck on the highway.  Needless to say we slowed right down to a crawl as the State Troopers had already passed us, lights a blazing.  We soon came across the reason for their concern.  Two vehicles were in the ditch.  Both were traveling south.  One was on it’s side and the other had flipped completely over and was sitting on it’s roof.  It looked like there were no injuries, thank goodness.

Our plan, after the driving conditions improved, was to stop at a highway rest stop between Colorado Springs and Denver.  That plan got changed, as the rest stop indicated on the map didn’t exist.  We soldiered on and finally stopped at the Colorado Visitors Centre at Fort Collins, some 80 miles farther down the road.

Tomorrow we are off again with the hopes of stopping in Billings MT.  But we would really like to go back to the beach.


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