Heading North

For the last few days we have been staying at the Isleta Lakes & RV Park which is located just south of Albuquerque NM.  The camp-ground is associated with Isleta Resort and Casino.  It is a full service campground that certainly does not look like the pictures on the web.  We had supper at the Embers Steakhouse at the casino.  After our meal we toured the casino.  We wanted to check out the other restaurants and see if we should visit them as well.  Unfortunately the cigarette smoke was so bad we had to leave.  No smoking in the restaurant, but it seems to be OK in the casino.  This is quite a change from what we are used to.

The weather has been windy and cool.  We spent most of one day getting caught up on laundry and just having some down time after our jaunt across Texas.  We also spent one day in Albuquerque.  We were able to track down the Tourist Info Centre, it is located at the Chamber of Commerce office.  Which is on the 6th floor of a downtown high-rise.  Not that accessible for someone from out-of-town.  But we did get some great information on where to pick up some authentic native american art.  It is interesting that the parking rates were less than those in Saskatoon and there are no individual meters, just a pay box in the middle of the street. Similar to Calgary and Galveston.

If you want to see some fabulous arts and crafts, you have to visit Skip Maisel’sAs we found a parking space outside Skip’s another car pulled in behind us.  I met the lady driver at the pay box, we chatted for a little while as she purchased her parking pass.  As she pulled her pass from the machine, she turned and gave it to me and wished us safe and happy travels.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Inside the store we were amazed at the collection of jewelry and crafts.  Of course we had to purchase a few items to bring back home.   In the later afternoon we ventured into the “Historic Old Town“. Here there are shops located around an open town square and on the sidewalks, local artists sell their wares.  Well we didn’t find anything we wanted to bring home so we stopped in at an authentic Mexican restaurant (Hacienda Del Rio) and had a late lunch/early supper on their patio.  We shared a combination appetizer plate and walked away full to the gills.


We stumbled out of the plaza just before the live music was about to start. I believe they were having Elvis impersonators at the microphone.

Today we headed back into town to visit a park on the Rio Grande river. Well there was no park and the river didn’t seem too impressive.  I am not sure what we expected but we weren’t impressed.  On the way to the river we passed by a garden centre which was displaying many garden ornaments.  On our way back we stopped in and purchased a few items for our yard.  Then off to Walmart we went as we needed a few groceries.

Tomorrow we are on the road again.  This time, continuing our voyage to the north.  Our plan is to stop in at the Visitor Information Centres as we enter a new state. Unless there are some interesting things that they tell us about, we are going to keep on traveling.  So we could be back home in as little as 3 or 4 days.


One thought on “Heading North

  1. Take your time getting back. It is getting warmer here but it’s very slow so you have lots of time before we even hit +20. They say +15 today. I loved the New Mexico pics. It’s a place I would go. That’s a pretty friendly looking rattle snake on that sign though. Not sure why he’s depicted as so friendly. Is that their state animal by any chance? Anyway, have very much enjoyed your travels. Safe trip home.


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