Bigger and Better

Everything is bigger in Texas and boy that drive west of San Antonio is big and goes on forever.  The speed is also bigger.  The speed limit is now 80 MPH.  Wholly Smokes, and people are passing me.  Probably as I am only going 110 KM/H.  My speedometer shows 80 MPH as 133 KM/H.  There is no way I am traveling that fast pulling 14 thousand pounds.  We will get there when we get there and it will be an enjoyable voyage.

The foothills we experienced yesterday turned to rolling hills, cactus and heat.  The temperature on the dash showed a high of 31℃.  I thought as you increased your elevation, the temperature would decrease.  Well not today it didn’t. Boy was this a long and somewhat boring drive.  Not even any radio stations to listen to.

We are currently parked at another rest stop just outside El Paso TX.  Tomorrow we will go into El Paso and check out the sites then move into New Mexico and book ourselves into a campground for a day or two before we continue heading north on I-25.

Here are some interesting photos from last night and along our journey today.

scene-4 scene-3 scene-2 scene-1 night-3 night-2 night-1 cactus-1



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