New Mexico Is On the Horizon

We left the rest stop early with the hopes of getting close to El Paso before we had to call it a night.  Lafayette and Lake Charles Louisiana were uneventful.  The I-10 pushed us right through.  Lake Charles has a huge port and the land surrounding the highway transformed from the forest/bayou we were familiar with in Florida to farmland.  It looked like a lot of Rice was planted.  The next major town was Beaumont, another “nothing special”.  Then came Houston.   Forty-five minutes later we were through the town, interchanges and all.  San Antonio was a different story.  Our original intent was to plow straight through the town; unfortunately, we changed our mind and thought it might be easier to take their ring road.  WRONG.  As we didn’t have a very detailed map, guess what happened.  Down this road, down that road, with very few signs, but we ended up on the other side of town re-connecting with I-10 and back on our merry way.

The scenery has now changed to rolling hills and ranch land.  This is very similar to what you would see outside Calgary in the foothills of the Rockies.

The last sign we saw was “El Paso 500 miles” and it was already late in the afternoon.  So, it looks like El Paso will be visited tomorrow.  We pulled into another rest stop, had supper and relaxed the rest of the evening, waiting for our journey to begin again tomorrow.


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