Master Driver

Today we left the comfort of Saint George’s Island after a two-week stay, to embark on our way home.  Our intent was to get into Texas, but that didn’t happen.  We ended up staying at a highway rest stop about 18 miles east of Lafayette Louisiana.

Traveling along the gulf coast on state highway 98 was enjoyable.  There were lots to see, especially if you like the ocean.  It was a bit slow going as the speed limit fluctuated anywhere from 55 to 25 MPH but this provided an opportunity to really take in the sites.  Let me tell you there was lots of sand.

At Pensacola we turned north for a short distance so we could get onto Interstate 10 and zip right along.  The speed limit on the interstates in Florida is 70 MPH.  It sometimes dips down to 60 if you are travelling through a major centre were there might be many interchanges.

It was nice to visit Mobile Alabama again.  There is quite a tunnel west of Mobile Bay.  After you traverse the bridge over the bay into the tunnel you go.  It almost appears as if you are traveling right under the city.  Before you enter the tunnel, there are many tall, and I mean TALL, builds that you can see. Once you come out, no tall buildings.

Going through Mississippi was uneventful as it is only about 73 miles before you are into Louisiana.  In Louisiana we switched to I-12 so we could bypass New Orleans.  Baton Rouge was the next major center.  Another Jetson-Ville with multi lane, multi layer interchanges.

As you know on the highway you will find chunks of tires that are usually on the side of the road.  The US Interstates are no different but when one of these tires come peeling off a trailer in front of you, things get interesting.  The Interstate highway has 2 lanes in each direction separated by a grove of trees or some other physical barrier.  Well, we are minding our own business with others passing us on the left.  No problem, until.  A small truck towing a trailer with a boat and motor passed us.  I wouldn’t say it was a fishing boat, more like a speedboat.  After it had passed and was ahead of us a little ways, still in the left lane, I saw a puff of black coming from the vehicle.  I thought he had just tried to accelerate and was burning some oil.  WRONG.  The vehicle quickly changed to the right lane and onto the shoulder.  What I saw next was his trailer tire slowly following him some distance behind.  Not wanting to run over this renegade tire and with no other vehicles passing me, I was able to veer into the left lane as his tire finally caught up with him.  This could have been a bit if a disaster for us if the traffic was any heavier.

It was getting late; with 10 hours in the driving seat, it was time to end our journey for the day.  We found a rest stop and tucked ourselves in for the night.


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