Getting Ready to Go

We have spent the last few days getting to the last of the things on our to-do list.  I don’t think I have to tell you that we spent some time on the beach.  But no, we weren’t sun tanning; we were shelling, as the weather has turned a bit chilly and windy.

Wednesday we spent time on the beach but at a different spot than we were before.  It is interesting that the structure of the beach was quite different from where we were before.   The slope of the beach was different as well as the number and type of shells.  Of the four-mile drive from the park office to the campsite turn off, there are nine access points over the dunes.  Each one revealed a different part of the beach on the gulf side of the island

Thursday we gained access to East End.  This is the most easterly part of the island.  It is mainly used as a fishing spot.  There is only limited space to park at the end of the island so access is restricted.  This end of the island can’t be used for swimming due to the strong currents and I guess there are sharks in the water.   Well, we weren’t there to fish; we were there to shell.  This end of the island was very interesting and it appeared that the currents were coming from two different directions.  They seemed to be in conflict at the point of land.  Of course it was very windy so the wave action was significant.  But if you walked around the point from the gulf to the bay side, you were sheltered from the wind and could enjoy yourself.  On our way back to the camper for supper we stopped at one of the two-beach pavilions.  I wanted to see how the beach looked with the high wind.  For the previous two weeks the flags on the beach were yellow (caution) but today they had been changed to red (danger).  On our previous visit to this spot, I noticed there were three steps that took you onto the beach from the boardwalk.  Well today these three steps had disappeared under the blowing sand.  It reminded me of how the snow blows up against my garage door. As well, the high surf was now flooding the beach sand that was dry just a few days ago.

Friday was a rain day.  We knew rain was in the forecast but didn’t think it would rain so much.  Well it started to rain about 9 in the morning and continued to rain, hard, until almost midnight.  There were a few campers that had moved out today so the campsite was looking a little bare.  A lot of the sites have large bodies of water in or around them due to the rain.  It was good that there was a concrete sidewalk to the washroom facilities as the lawn area was under water.

Tomorrow we have some running around to do as we prepare to leave on Sunday.  We need to go and get a few groceries as we plan to take a few days to scoot over to New Mexico.  It is our intentions to put in longer days and stop at roadside rest stops for the nights.  So there isn’t much opportunity to go shopping while in transit.  As it has stopped raining now, hopefully we will have a dry day tomorrow as we prepare to leave.

beach-1 beach-2 beach-3 beach-4 beach-5 beach-6 beach-7



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