In The Spring

Today we travelled over to Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park.  As we left SGI we noticed those pesky Park Rangers in the area they had closed just a few days ago.  They had either cameras or large binoculars mounted on tripods and were peering into the sand dunes.  I guess they knew what they were looking for as neither Bev nor I could see anything of interest.

Wakulla Spring is located just south of Tallahassee.  They have a gift shop as well as a boat tour on the river that is created by the spring.  They also have glass bottom boat rides when the river is clear.  Unfortunately with the extra rain the region has received this spring, the river is very red, like well water that has a lot of iron.  So there were no glass bottom rides today.

The section of river in the park is a protected area.  There is no access to the waterway except by the boats in the park.  No other access is allowed.  No private canoes or kayaks can be on the water.  On our trip we were able to see many different types of trees, a lot that were covered with Spanish moss.  We were also able to snap a few pictures of the local animals.

alligator-1 bird-4 heron-4 ibis-1 tree-1 turtle-3

On our way back to SGI we stopped in at Crawfordville for a few groceries and then settled in for a fine supper at the Beach Pit.

We had a great day.


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