Cross the Dunes

The walkways and board walks that transport you either thru or over the dunes to the beach are populated with signs.  They say we are to stay off the dunes.  The dunes as well as their pant life are necessary to protect the island and this plant life cannot withstand the pressure of our footsteps.  These signs, along with signs on that narrow strip of asphalt that state the “sand will not support a vehicle” certainly keeps most people off the dunes.



Surprisingly, last week we saw Park Staff putting up more signs and roping off about a mile of both sides of the highway.  Having a closer look at the signs it appears that there are nesting birds in the dunes and we should stay off.  Of course you wouldn’t know it unless you were actually out on the dunes and the birds actually moved.  It’s hard enough to spot a huge heron on the dunes much less a small shore bird.


Well today in our travels we noticed new yellow caution signs along the same stretch of road.  These signs are warning drivers of bird crossings and we should look out for flightless chicks crossing the road.  Well who knew this vast area of sand and low-lying plant life could be home to nesting birds as well as their new chicks.  Chicks that are hatching or are about to hatch, in the next few days.  Reminds me of the tortious we found on the road last week.


I wonder if we will see any chicks on their migration from sand to sea?



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