Perfect Sunny Days

Well we have been having some relaxing days here at St George’s Island State Park.  We did get some rain the night we arrived but the rest of the time the sun has been out with the temperature hovering in the low 20’s.

On one of our first trips to the business district we noticed something on the road.  Now you have to realize this a two-lane road with no centre line and no shoulder, just a thin sliver of black top just barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass, bordered by sand.  The road is very straight with a speed limit of 25 MPH.  This bump in the road was obvious from a long way back.  As we approached, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to stop and see what it was.  Here is a picture of the little fellow.  As I approached him, to get my picture he started to move. That was a good thing, as I don’t want the poor fellow to end up like so many other critters we see on the highway.  With my circling him to get a good shot he ended up off the road and back into the sand.  It was kind of interesting to see a tortoise in the wild.


We have to go into the business district to access a Wi-Fi spot so updates are going to be spotty.  It is nice though, as we can sit in the truck in a parking lot just outside the lighthouse and be connected.  It is a much faster connection than the one we had at Ho-Hum.  While in town, it provides an opportunity to do a little shopping for souvenirs or to grab a coffee or ice cream.

The park is on the extreme east end of the island and the other day I walked into a remote camping area designed for kayaker’s.  The farthest one is about 2.5 miles from the main campsite.  There isn’t much there.  Just a fire ring and a picnic table, no toilet or water supply.  But oh my, the beach is beautiful.  I also walked into another wilderness campsite which was about ½ mile off the first path.  Again, there wasn’t much there but a wonderful beach.  These two beaches are on the bay side of the island, not the gulf side.  The water is much calmer and the wind is quieter.

Along the road from the park entrance there are numerous small parking lots (6 cars maximum) where you can gain access to the gulf.  They don’t want you climbing on the dunes so these access points are provided. As you can see from the pictures, the beaches are endless and wide.  We have checked out a few different spots and if there are people on the beach, you just move on down and claim your own space.  The sun is warm but the breeze is cool so we are not exactly sure when our skin is burning.  I know we have been burning as my arms and legs are quite brown and the skin is peeling.  But it might just be the dry air.  There are other larger parking lots as well.  These have washroom facilities and a fresh water shower along with picnic tables and shelters.

kathy-2 beach_panoramabev



Back in the campsite Grackles and Doves visit us.  These are the same songbirds that we have seen in Corpus Christi and Goose Island. There are a couple of other birds here that have numerous and interesting songs.  We are not sure what they are.  It is nice to sit out and listen to them or here them in the morning before we get up.

We are really enjoying it here and certainly would not hesitate to come back or recommend this to others.  The only problems we see so far with this campsite are the no-see-ums.  Not even the slight breeze seems to keep these little pesky bugs at bay.  They are no bigger than the head of a pin and you don’t notice them until you feel a slight poke on your skin.   Despite the little bugs we will probably be staying here for two weeks, the maximum allowed at State Parks.  From there, who knows where we will end up?



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