Saint George Island State Park

Well the rain almost quite by morning.  There were still a few light dribbles when we got up.  But we needed to move so we got to it.  While packing up a fellow camper was moving and had left the step of his trailer out.  I rushed after him, luckily he was moving only a few spots.  It turned out he also had a tail light burned out.  We chatted for a while and I found out he was from Alberta.  After that chat two more fellows came over asking me if I knew if Craffordville had a tire shop.  We weren’t sure but knew for a fact we hadn’t seen one in either Eastpoint of Carrabelle.  It turns out these two guys were from Brandon Manitoba and Canora Ontario.

It was nice talking to them and hearing about their adventures in Florida and Mexico.  When we were all done, so was the rain and off we went to SGI.

It turns out that the park does not have Wi-Fi but the town of St George does.  So updates will be spotty and picture will follow.  It’s overcast today, 18℃ and we hope to be on the beach most of tomorrow.


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