On The Move

Tomorrow we need to move.  We can either see if there is a spot available to us in the RV park or see if we can get into St Georges Island State Park. We would really like to get to St George Island (SGI).  They have a great beach and the camp spots are pretty good as well.

So if we have to move, we decided to travel into SGI to see if one of their walk in spot were available.  Well it turns out one was, so we booked it for a week.  I asked the Park Warden if there was any issues with the site being vacant as we had a few errands to run and wouldn’t be able to move in until later.  She advised there was no problem and it might be a good idea to wait as there is a tropical storm headed this way.

The pantry was getting low so before we moved to the island, groceries needed to be gotten.  We weren’t all that happy with the selection or price at Caravelle’s or IGA so we decided to travel about 50 miles to the “huge” town of Crawfordville.  They have a Walmart, a Winndixie and McDonald’s. We didn’t get back to Ho-Hum until late in the afternoon with no real sign of a storm other than the strong wind and very high humidity.  But, once we got the groceries put away, someone turned on the tap and the skies opened up. There were even flash flood and tornado warning for around Tallahassee. It rained pretty hard all evening and most of the night.

I am not sure if the State Park has Wi-Fi so updates from here on in may be spotty.  I sure hope the rain lets up by morning.  I guess we will wait and see.

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