Time For Shorts Again

After about 3 hours in the truck we pulled into Ho-Hum RV Park.  The trip here was rather uneventful.  We travelled down I-10 to Tallahassee and then headed south on a State highway and then turning west when we hit the coast.

Tallahassee seems like it could be an interesting place.  We didn’t see much as the highway took us around the city.  There was some construction on this bypass, so we had to slow down from our interstate 70 MPH to 45 MPH.  A little less stressful and a little more relaxing as you are trying to fit into the correct driving lane.

The sun was out and the temperature was hovering around 20℃.  After we pulled in and got everything set up and connected we had a relaxing lunch on the picnic table at our site.  Unfortunately we don’t have a site that backs onto the beach, we are a few sites in.  But we can see the ocean from our kitchen window.  After lunch, we took a walk on the beach and marvelled at the size of some of the RVs that are parked here.  And they seem to be from all over.  We noticed 2 licence plates from Ontario and when I went out for a walk later in the afternoon to get a cable channel line-up, I notice a trailer from Saskatchewan at the end of our row.  No one was out so I couldn’t stop for a chat, maybe tomorrow.

bird-1 lighthouse

March 9th, 2014

Well people are coming and going pretty much all day long.  We woke up this morning and our neighbours next door had moved out.  Well I think it was still morning as we passed into a new time zone yesterday and last night was a switch to Daylight Saving Time.  So I think our clocks were 2 hours behind. I suspected our neighbours would move as I noticed their truck was hooked up to their trailer last night before we went to bed.  And here I am out sitting in my lounger, enjoying the sun and a big class A motor home pulls in.  They are from Washington State.  As I sit out here watching, it is encouraging to see that there are a lot of drivers who have trouble backing up a trailer.  We have a pull through site, it’s easy.

This is an adults only park so there are no kids running around.  But there sure are a lot of dogs.  They are all on leashes and there is no evidence of them in the park or on the beach, so people are picking up after them. With all the dogs being walked, it gives a good opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Today I think we will take a tour around the area and see what’s up.  I will also have to check out the pier in the hope of getting some sunset pictures.  The sunset was nice last night but it sets over the land instead of the ocean.  So we will have to see what we can get off the pier.  For certain I won’t be getting any sun rise pictures as I am not an early bird.  The pier has 2 chairs at the end so I might also see what kind of star pictures I can capture.

Stay tuned for more as we won’t be leaving here until March 17th.


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