Cool and Damp

Well it has been a lazy few days.  We have seen and done all there is to do at Falling Waters State Park.  We have also toured around Chipley FL.  The town is only a few miles from the park and is located on I-10.  This is where we have to go to get on-line as there is no Wi-Fi connection in the park, which is a bit of a bummer.

The last few days have been cool, in the high 40’s and low 50s.  Cool, but nothing like back home, thank goodness.  It has also been raining.  The last few nights it has been pouring all night and during the day we have had showers, off and on.  Cool and damp so we have been staying in and biding our time with cards, reading and watching TV.  The TV is good.  We get the major US networks in High Definition from Panama City FL and Dothan AL.  At night the reception seems to be a little hit or miss.  We must just be on the edge of the coverage area.  We can’t complain because when we get it the picture is excellent.  And when we don’t, we find something else to do.  Retirees are flexible that way.

At one of our visits to the McDonald’s in Chipley we found another RV resort to move to.  So on Saturday we are moving to the Ho-Hum RV Park, which is located on the coast on highway 98, just south of Tallahassee.  We will be here for a week and then who knows.  It seems that spring break is causing the congestion with students invading Florida from as far north as Washington and New York States.  What I don’t understand is these students are renting houses and hotel rooms, not taking up space in the State Parks.  The weather is supposed to get back to normal this weekend (mid to high 70’s) so it will be nice to be back on the beach in shorts.

brush falls sign-1 sign wildlife-1 wildlife-2 wildlife-3


3 thoughts on “Cool and Damp

  1. Just checked out Ho- Hum-on google earth, looks like a real nice spot.Some nice sites along the ocean.Kind of open though but still nice. Enjoy. talk to you soon.Bob


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