Into The Woods We Go

We ended yesterday in Grayton Beach State Park.  It is a nice park with two camping loops.  One loop had electrical and water hook-ups and the other loop had water, electrical as well as sewer.  We lucked out and got a nice spot that had a sewer connection.  Unfortunately we could only have the spot for one night.  But we did have the option of waiting to see if another site open up after the checkout time.  We had our spot until 1 o-clock so we had to decide, move within the campground or move on down the highway.  After getting packed up and filling the tank with fuel, another spot did opened up.  We checked it out and figured it would take a bit of maneuvering to get the camper into the spot, so we decided to move inland to Falling Waters State Park.

The trip to Falling Waters was interesting.  We decided to stay away from the Interstate and traveled down US Route 98, which runs along the coast. We then turned north on US Route 77 to the park.  It was a good thing we had a paper map as the routes offered by the trucks GPS did not include the roads we were traveling on.

Today we took in the sites of the park.  Falling Waters is located in a pine forest on one of the highest hills in Florida.  The inviting board walks take us to the secluded lake with a sugar white sandy beach.  The paths also show you the way to numerous natural sinkholes and a 73-foot waterfall, Florida’s Highest.  There are numerous types of trees in the area including oak and long needle pine.  These as well as some local fauna will be shown in the next post.

I think tomorrow will be another relaxing day sitting in the sun.  We will also end up going into the town of Chipley.  We will get a coffee in the local fast food restaurant and use their Wi-Fi connection, as there is none in the park. While there we will post this update as well as some pictures from the park and also check out the state park reservation system.  We would like to get back to the beach on the Emerald Coast and with spring break happening for the next few weeks, we will need a reservation for sure.  We are hoping there will be some spots available for us later next week.  Lets keep our fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “Into The Woods We Go

  1. Those pictures are awesome. Why didn’t you take one of Bev holding a full sized ‘gator rather than a little baby one?haha.
    Is the cat a stray or did you guys decide to get one for the rest of your trip?


    • The big alligator ran away and Bev couldn’t catch him. The cat was a stray that followed me from the campsite. He had a collar so don’t know where he belonged.


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